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Business communications with your customer and staff never like before. Drive traffic with the best price in the market as low as RM0.07/SMS. 

Seamless Process

Best For Enterprise Expertise​​

We create products that are simple to use and earn real revenue while also providing you with actual data and outcomes.

Instant Reload

Reload your SMS credit instantly as you need.

Easy API Integration​

Tools for developers with easy API API integration.

Volume Discount

We can provide cheaper prices as low as RM0.07/SMS.

Featured Services

Here's you will get more, for less cost.

Bulk Import number

Bulk import contact which allows you to communicate with large numbers of people at once.

Automated SMS

You can schedule SMS text messages to be sent at any point in the future.

Flexible API

You can get a customized SMS API that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Short-code 5 Digit

Send mass SMS messages without worrying about being blocked by local telecommunications firms.

Know This First

Partners with #1 SMS Provider

One of the most important tools open to marketers is SMS. In order to drive greater sales, SMS can be used to run surveys, send reminders, promote bookings and advertise promotional offers. With a custom SMS portal, we will set you up to allow you to support your client and your business goals.

SMS bind you in deeper, more intimate ways with your audience. This can make it easier than other communication forms, such as email. SMS messages are being used by a rising number of organisations now. They also noticed that texting is an efficient way of helping and assisting their clients.

Our service connections enable us to send international SMS from anywhere in the world.

Our SMS APIs enable you to use integrate with your custom applications.

Marketing messages, appointment reminders, virtual assistants or chat bots, alerts, OTPs or PIN codes and one-time passwords.

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